For Homeland - Millenary

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There is a changes in the line-up – Korpiklaani (Finland) performance is canceled. MÅNEGARM (Sweden) will perform. Programme of the event has changed substantially. Having begun with the Decennary of the concert "For Homeland", we make a significant leap to so much more - the Milennary...

Anyone who bought a ticket for Korpiklaani only can return it anytime. They will get a full refund (contact phone 37061818335, Slibinas). Warning: those who are still determined to go will enjoy a much more breathtaking show.

There is also one addition in the line up – a Lithuanian folksong ensemble is included in the concert schedule.




Since 2000 every year on March 11 club VORAI MC organizes traditional rock concerts „TĖVYNEI“ („FOR HOMELAND“), dedicated to Independence day of Lithuania. During nine years 25 bands from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Norway participated in this event. These concerts took place in the four different citadels of Vilnius metal scene – from „Kablys“ to „Moulin Rouge“. This year the tenth anniversary event „For Homeland – Millenary“ is dedicated to the first mention of Lithuania‘s name in year 1009, when our proud ancestors beheaded archbishop Bruno and all his escort for burning of sacred Baltic symbols. This year, on the 11th of March, old Lithuanian spirit resounding with metal music will take us 1000 years back into the past, the warriors will be honored who stood and fought for the freedom of the homeland.

Famous metal bands of various metal music styles from Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden will perform at the concert. Lithuanian bands represent three different branches: the best known and most controversial band of Lithuania‘s patriotic metal - DIKTATŪRA, the gods of pagan metal OBTEST and Lithuanian heavy-power metal leaders THUNDERTALE, who will play a song dedicated specially for this event. On the Millenary Lithuania will be congratulated by Latvian brothers – the most famous Latvia‘s metal band of all time – SKYFORGER! Guests from Latvia are going to make this gig a bit more special performing together with the Latvian folk player. We also hope to hear a new SKYFORGER song from their forthcoming album.

Finally, on this "double" anniversary, special guests from Sweden, the embodiment of the legendary Viking wolf MÅNEGARM will perform in Lithuania for the first time! Famous for its exceptional live performances MÅNEGARM on this festive occasion will eclipse the Full Moon at the exact time, after which Fathers will break free from their bonds, transmit the powers and it will come to fruition what is foretold. As the midnight approaches, a special, unforgettable moment are waiting for us – an event that happened a 1000 years ago will repeat again… Lithuania will proudly step into the second Millenium!

Ticket price is not critical, but symbolic – 66,6 Lt and reflects the evil that Lithuania overcame during its history. Participating in the event "For Homeland – Millenary" you will contribute to the promotion of Lithuania's name in the world in the next 1000 years! On this grand day we say the words our ancestors had said – WE WILL NOT KNEEL!!!